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Why you should build with Andy Frank.

Choosing the right builder is the most important decision in the custom-home building process. We have all heard the nightmare stories about contractors who fail to meet the expectations of their clients. How do you tell a good builder from a bad one?

Check out his reputation.

When you are considering a builder for your new home, check out their reputation thoroughly. Check their references, but more important, check their credit. Their relationship to their suppliers and subcontractors should be important to you because it reflects their professional integrity.

Don’t make such an important decision without speaking to the other local professionals in the real estate business. Lawyers, realtors, and home inspectors are all well-informed about new construction. They can tell you good things about Andy and his hard-earned reputation.

Andy is well-experienced, having built over 100 homes in Westport and surrounding towns. (His Portfolio) He has a good safety record, and excellent customer references. He has been asked to build a second custom homes for satisfied clients! He often builds custom homes so his clients can get exactly what they want.

Does his quality match your standards?

Andy makes it a point to stay current on the latest construction techniques and he is committed to superb craftsmanship. Go ahead and ask detailed product questions. Come and see examples of his work. Touring homes under construction is easy, and his past clients are willing to show their homes as well.

Andy’s service is unmatched.

Construction is a complex process. There are many opportunities for things to go wrong. When problems arise, and they will, a good builder like Andy makes it right. Get referrals and ask how he resolves such service requests during and after construction. He can provide a long list of satisfied homeowners he has built for. (Testimonials) They will tell you they appreciate him because he stands behind his work.

“At the end of the day I want you to be happy;
happy with the house, happy with me,
happy with the investment you have made.”

Ask his clients how accountable is he a year or two after the closing? Andy is confident you will like the answers you get.

Collaboration is Everything.

Building a custom home is a collaborative process. Andy likes to sit down with his clients and just listen. He understands the importance of letting them talk about what they want, learning what would suit them best, then fine-tuning the home’s design to match their needs. If they have started planning already, he will work with their architect and designer to help move them from vision to reality.

Guiding them through all the steps of the process, outlining a schedule, telling them honestly what is and isn’t possible within their time frame and budget, he helps them make the right choices to achieve their goals. When you choose Andy as your builder, he will walk you through the entire process from site selection, financing, building permits, the phases of construction and landscaping. This kind of service adds tremendous value and peace of mind to the building process.
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